Many time in a hurry and dilute New Face Beauty Facial the past; Time passed quickly, forget a lot of old. Just, in black and white, an unfair at the same time, the "little things" but moving paper, open the gate of memory. My heart, some aggrieved, there are also some sadness, but with the passage of time, gradually weak.


Just graduated from the university of the second year, I finished the first years of the teacher in charge work competently. Can say, I received a lot of students allegiance and admiration. Standing on the corner of time, I look back on yesterday, although the glory of the things is not much, but do well is adequately, accompanied by the footsteps of time, has been walking in the way of life.


Although at that time, because the young, inexperienced, but enthusiasm into confidence and hope, I can open, fair and just in time to deal with everything of the class, sociable way to try to rationalize, contact with students, a little more care, more than a little bit of caring. In the discipline, I tried my best to solve conflicts, contradictions and not harmonious. In emotion in reason, I did not think of, work can be done so well. So, the class discipline is good, good ban feng, looks good, everything is in my own hands.


Occasionally over a student's diary, I found that the students self-consciousness has develop very well. Students in his diary: "the clock ringing in class, the classroom immediately quiet down, quiet even a needle fall on the ground can also listen to get..." There is no doubt that students have self-discipline in normal times. "Can self control, is the most intelligent people." There have been so good in the class. They will be able to consciously abide by the discipline. In learning, the exams are in progress of many times, not only on the score, in places, also performed on the students' learning habits.


At that time, the school New Face Beauty Facial for the first year class four previous twelve to recognition, awards. , the average distribution of excellent students of the school, the former of twelve years period, one class three. In the final exam last semester, our class in section 12 of the six, most at the top, the other three classes in a class two.


Because my class students study self-consciousness is better, some classmate unexpectedly from years period of more than one hundred 14th, this is a pioneering work, he was my praise and encouragement from time to time. Maybe the school will never have such a great progress of students. He is like the rising sun, inspires students to confidently forward. Next semester, surprising result come out, my class year period before twelve of eight, two (2) class, (3) and (4) each one. (1) class performance in the eyes, exciting, and refreshing.


The feeling of happiness, such as the breeze stroke, cool and refreshing, flowing in my young heart. I always keep a good relationship between teachers and students with students. The emotion in the growing, constantly communicate feelings in usual. A student from years period of ranks the sixth in his name, has been leading the way. His parents are full of praise, said a good word for me, and even admired, such. "A single kind word keeps one warm for three winters, taunting June cold." This also caused the proud of my heart.


Family, school and society's consistent high praise, let me sweet warm winter sun. Puffs of rare warm current flow to all parts of your body, flow through each country, also flows through reassuring in the class. And I are engaged in mathematical teaching in the final exam average (3) and (4) class 20 points, the number of excellent students is their class more than five times. Teach the same course teacher to me sit up and take notice, and even frustrated. It makes me embarrassed.


"Newborn calves are not afraid of the tiger", my work, my dedication to my, my, in exchange for the hard-won achievement. Just when I was in vigorous, just as I smooth sailing, also, when I stepped on steady footsteps, to the first years of a lot of honor.


Originally, I thought that "everything, only New Face Beauty Facial owe the east wind." I think, surely lead the east wind to blow to us (1) at the beginning of class. Just, disappointing results. Hateful, incompetent and pain in the hearts of the leaders actually gave the honorary title of excellent class of quanzhou city to (2) class. Compared with the class (1), (2) ACTS in the name, the class discipline is poorer, also do not have in fact. After the event, I'm a little frustrated, and some surprise, more angry. I asked the head teacher of class (2), he also think it should be give us (1) class of honor, even he think so too.


In fact, I thought the whole thing, take out your heart to dry:


(a) early debut, accumulate experience, understand and the leadership communication, cultivate sentiment, went home are also good because of affection be very possible. So, the feelings of good or bad is whether can control you can forget one of the factors.


(2) rely on relationship when some leadership, incompetence. Leadership not survey the facts. "No investigation, no right to speak," he twisted the soul of justice, sooner or later the conscience condemnation. Maybe he lifetime also don't know what he do wrong thing.


(3) just work soon, there is no ", geographical and human conditions ", want to entrepreneurship successfully, need more training, the success of things is not just a touch.


(4) preparation and opportunity doesn't always succeed. Want to follow, also need other objective factors.


(5), sometimes may be "a few minutes, no pain, no gain."


(6) cheer up, it belongs to you, will not run away, shouldn't belong to you, it will leave you, but don't forget, you must have had to fight for.


(7) unfair thing in the world, may land in one day to you, don't hard, don't, you should strive to laugh at the last.


Anyone, of course, "guess", "one hundred people's eyes, there are one hundred Hamlet", what's your opinion? Please do a world of people with fair! In your post, send a light, send a hot!!!! Here, I with sincere heart yearned for the every fair in dealing with the people in the world.